How Much Does a Hoyer Lift Cost?

There comes a time in all of our lives where we need a little lift and a hoyer lift becomes more than an option, but a necessity, but how much does a hoyer lift cost?  Hoyer lifts are also known as medical lifts or patient lifts.

Hoyer Lift Cost

There are many different basic designs of Hoyer lifts (or hydraulic lifts) to choose from.  There are manual lifts, stand up lifts, pool lifts, and many more so this question isn’t easy to answer directly.

If you want just a basic manual lift to get your loved one from bed to chair or vice versa then you can get something as cheap as $699 from Amazon.

hoyer lift cost

This lift will support up to 400 pounds and will help you with all of your basic transfers.  I’ve seen this exact model online for a couple hundred dollars more.  Keep in mind that this isn’t a powered unit.

Stand Assist Lift

These are generally more expensive but they provide a vital functionality that the regular sling based systems don’t.  Amazon comes through again with the cheapest prices.  Here is one with free shipping that costs around $1700

I’ve seen these run over $3000 so this is a pretty good deal.

Powered Lifts

These fully cordless lifts can be a godsend. No need to crank your loved one up, just press a button with the attached control remote.  Here is one with a rechargable battery that runs close to $1800 and has free shipping.

This unit has a weight limit of 450 pounds and has a 24 V rechargeable battery.  You’re going to get at least 150 lifts with this one before you need to recharge.

Lift Slings

There are tons of these to choose from and they generally run in the $70 to $140 dollar range.

hoyer lift cost

Like I said there are many different models out there, this one is water proof and has a commode opening and runs for under $70

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